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Snoring causes sleep deprivation. You imagine the time that you could sleep quietly the entire night and feel fresh on the next morning, it would be an awesome day for you.

There are several types of the mouthpiece in the market that you do not need a prescription or Doctor`s notes. It is a self-help device for stop snoring solution. The principal of the mouthpiece is to pull your tongue forward and result in opened-airway. I learned the best mouthpiece that is simple and maybe effective for your snoring reduction. That is the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece by MPowrx.

The Best Solution to Stop Snoring

Good Morning Snore Solution takes the mystery out of how to stop snoring. This fully tested, clinically developed medical device is scientifically proven to give you a restful, snore-free life. Cleared by Health Canada, FDA, EEA, ARTG and recommended by doctors, dentists and respected sleep clinics around the world, Good Morning Snore Solution is the trusted answer to your snoring problem.

The device is a safe and scientifically proven snore solution, discovered by Dr. Dort and associated with Dr. Markley, offered by the Good Morning Snore Solution. With several positive feedback rating 4.6 out of 5 from many users around the world.

The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece uses a tongue displacement method to give its users a quiet, snore-free sleeping life. It brings better sleep to people all over the world by using a safe and effective anti-snoring strategy. This fully tested and clinically developed device has been tested and cleared by Health Canada, FDA, EEA, ARTB and continues to be recommended by doctors, dentists and respected sleep clinics around the world.

Specification Comparison

Because snoring affects the individual and the person sleep next to them, this mouthpiece device is beneficial to both those who snore and surrounding sleepers. This solution is here to comfort millions through a minimally invasive and comfortable approach to restful, snore-free sleep.

When it comes to affordable stop snoring devices, people get two options: the MAD (or mandibular advancement device) and the TSD (or tongue stabilizing device). Although these two options are both mouthpieces, they function quite differently. The MAD is worn like a denture and stops snoring by jutting the lower jaw forward to expand the air passage. Meanwhile, the simplified TSD of the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece works by gently moving the tongue forward to clear the entire airway. This is more effective and more comfortable for most users, has few (if any) side effects, and is significantly more affordable than typical methods.

These are details of how the device is the most beneficial to you.

  • Open the entire airway
  • Effective and minimally invasive
  • Safe, simple, and quality tested
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Soft, flexible, and easy to manage
  • Can be used with a night guard or dentures
  • No customized fitting required
  • Scientifically proven and developed by doctors
  • TSD proven method has much more advantages than the MAD method of the device in the market
  • BPA free
  • Tested and cleared by Health Canada, FDA, EEA, and ARTG
  • No prescription needed
  • With dual or family packs, it is cheaper per unit.

The device works in 3 easy steps:

1 – Place device between lips and front teeth

2 – Squeeze the bulb with thumb and first finger while sucking the air out

3 – Push the tip of the tongue into the end of the bulb and release your thumb and finger. This will create a seal that gently holds everything in place.

Now relax your tongue and you are ready to fall asleep.

Some disadvantages that are manageable:

  • The price is high. However, it has a long lifespan. So it is considered worthy. Some lower-price options must be replaced every few months.
  • May experience tongue soreness for the first few days. You will feel better after a few uses.  
  • You need to breathe through your nose to wear this device.
  • The device may slip off your tongue in the night. Some practices will help.

Features Comparision

Here is the specification comparison of the mouthpiece in the market: Good Morning Snore Solution with SNORERx, ZQuiet, Syppah, and Vital Sleep.

Good Morning Snore SolutionSNORERxZquietSyppahVital Sleep
Holds tongueyesyes
No boil & bite processyesyes
No jaw displacementyes
Multiple size optionsyesyesyes
Edentate friendlyyes
Eliminate teeth grindingyesyes

Final Thought

I would recommend the anti-snoring mouthpiece from the Good Morning Snore Solution. The high quality of the material of the mouthpiece that gives you the most comfortable and soft feeling, together with the effective free-snore strategy and the price is affordable. The promotion code can be applied for an additional discount after the lowest price when you check out.

You can visit the website to view the testimonial from many users here. The page will link to the Youtube site. I recommend you will click the Youtube icon and find the review from multiple users including an honest review by Eric Thomas.

Please visit How to Stop Snoring blog to learn more information.

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