Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing practice, based on the fundamental belief behind that the energy flows through the energy pathway (meridian system) in the body.

The practice will use fingers pressing on the specific body points to balance the meridian and allow the energy to flow naturally throughout the body. It effectively helps release muscle tension, increases circulation, and improves the meridian system, resulting in releasing specific symptoms and healing.

Due to the effects of stress, the meridian becomes obstructed. According to the American Institute of Alternate Medicine (AAIM), when your body frequently has tension and stress, it leads to health problems and insomnia. Acupressure by pressing certain body points can release stress, reduce tension and pain, improve focus and increase productivity and overall health.

Pressure Points for Sleep

According to Chinese medicine, by pressing certain points, it can correct imbalance the meridian within the body and allow the energy to flow naturally.

There are several pressure points for better sleep. Dr. Reed also suggests body points for insomnia and using one or two techniques could be effective.

GB20 and B10
  • The pressure point B10 or Bladder
  • B10 pressure point is located at two fingers below the base of the skull on each side
  • Gently press the point with your index and middle fingers into the hollow.
  • Make sure to make steady pressure.
  • The B10 pressure helps reduce neck pain, back headache, eye-strain, insomnia, and stiff neck.
  • The pressure point GB20, the gate of consciousness point or Wind Pool
  • GB20 pressure point is located at the base of the skull where neck muscles connect to the jawline.
  • The GB20 point pressure help reduce stiffness of neck, shoulder, and neck pain.
  • Apply for 15 to 20 minutes and you should start to feel calm and heavy-eyed.
B23 and B47
  • B23 and B47 Sea of Vitality
  • The pressure points B23 and B47 are located at the lower back.
  • Make firm pressure to these points with breathing techniques for helping narcolepsy and drowsiness symptoms.
  • You will feel calm and relaxed.
  • You may need professional help with these points.
  • Apply for 15 minutes.
  • You should feel relax after that.
  • H7 or Spirit Gate, Shen Men
  • The pressure point H7 is located below the base of the smallest finger, near the crease of the wrist.
  • Make constant pressure by the thumb of the other hand.
  • In about 20 seconds, your energy should wind down slowly and bring into sleepiness.
  • It is the point for the Heart channel.
  • It helps regulate any condition related to the heart and blood circulation throughout the body.
  • It helps calm the mind and resolve anxiety, worry, panic, and attacks.
  • Three Miles Energy Point, St36
  • The St36 pressure point is located approximately four-finger widths down from the bottom of your knee cap, slightly moved to the lateral side of the bone.
  • If you are in the right place, a muscle should pop out as you move your foot up and down.
  • Use your index finger to locate the point.
  • Apply pressure on the muscle for one minute.
  • It helps regulate your energy flow, increase concentration and relieve stress and fatigue.
  • It is commonly used for gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Extra -1, Yintang point, GV24.5 or Hall of Impression
  • The GV24.5 pressure point is located at the middle between the eyebrows.
  • Put your thumb or forefinger at the point.
  • Apply pressure in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The pressure should not cause discomfort.
  • The results will help release stress and anxiety.
  • You can do it anytime when needed to release symptoms.

  • K27 Elegant Mansion, Yu point
  • The K27 pressure point is located at the point below your collarbone.
  • Use your right hand to press the left side, and your left hand to press the right side.
  • Rub with firm pressure.
  • Holding for a couple of minutes and breathing deeply.
  • Repeat 3 to 5 times daily.
  • It is good for chest congestion, phlegm, coughing, sore throats, shallow and difficult breathing, chest pain, anxiety, and thyroid gland irregularities.

LI 4
  • LI4 Hegu point, Joining Valley
  • The LI4 pressure point is located between the base of your thumb and index finger.
  • Use your thumb and index finger of the other hand to press down for 5 minutes with a circular motion.
  • Repeat with the other hand.
  • It helps relieve pain, headaches, and migraine.

LV 2
  • Liver Meridian point 2 or LV2, Xian Jian
  • LV2 pressure point is located at the top of the feet between the big toe and the second toe, around 1 inch down from the valley of the skin.
  • Apply pressure for 2 minutes.
  • The pressure will increase blood flow to the liver, for eliminating waste.
  • It helps resolve insomnia, and improve digestion.
  • It helps support the immune system and improves circulation.
  • It is also applied to treat cold hand or cold feet.

P 6
  • P6, Nui Guan or Pericardium 6
  • The P6 pressure is located three-fingered width below the base of the wrist.
  • Press steady pressure with your thumb for 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Repeat process with the other wrist.
  • You will feel stress relief and get more relaxed
  • It helps reduce nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy.

CV 17
  • CV17 or Conception Vessel 17, Sea of Tranquility
  • It is located around four-fingered width up from the base of your breastbone, in the center of your chest.
  • Rub the point up and down at the point.
  • It is best to apply this pressure point while lying in bed, focusing on deep breathing.
  • It helps clear phlegm and congestion from the chest, relieve stress and anxiety, and relieve acid indigestion.


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