One factor of sleep hygiene is a cool temperature that helps you have quality sleep. Too warm or too cold temperature may interrupt your sleep. The product I recommend here is a cooling aid which is easy to use. The thermal insulation can cool you down three to five degrees that help you have a good night sleep. Here is the Mat Cooling Aid. The feature that I like the most is a safety feature, as the product does not require electricity or freezing,

Mat Cooling Aid

Name:             HealthSmart PolarMat Cooling Aid, Small, Medium, Large


Sales price:     $23.15 (small), $83.95 (medium), $114.95 (large)

Owner:            MedEx Supply

Brand name Medical Supplies @ Discounted Prices!

HealthSmart PolarMat Cooling Aid Features

  • Unique thermal insulation continuously cools you 3-5 Degree by drawing heat away from your body providing a cooler night’s sleep.
  • The mat stays cool automatically.
  • Cooling mat absorbs heat from your body while sleeping or sitting.
  • No electricity or freezing required; it is safety.
  • 100% cotton cover.

In the room with no air-conditioning, it is convenience to use the HealthSmart PolarMat Cooling Aid during the warm season. You can simply place it on your bed, pillow or chair. Small mat size is good for placing on top of your pillow or in your pillowcase. There is a medium and large size you can choose here.

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