Sleep disorders and insomnia symptom is unique in each person. Some sleep techniques and sleep aids may work for someone but may not for others.

For centuries, herb teas have been introduced as a beverage that reduces stress and are effective natural sleep aids.

Asian knowledge has introduced natural sleep herbs, for a thousand years, that have properties to cure or reduce stress at a pleasure level, which associate to sleep disorders.

Best Sleep Bedtime Herbs – Naturally Help Sleep Disorders

The six best time teas that help you sleep we can find throughout the world.

Chamomile tea

Drinking chamomile tea may help improve sleep quality.

Chamomile is often chosen as a tea for calming purposes and to soothe the digestive traction, and is mild enough to be administered to babies. Chamomile is soothing to the skin, and is often found in lotions and hair products.

Chamomile herb for sleep comes in the form of a tea bag, loose dried flower tea, essential oil, and liquid extract.

Valerian Root

Valerian has been used to treat insomnia problems, relieve stress, anxiety, and headache. There is no adverse side effect like drowsiness. It may improve overall sleep quality, and decreasing nightmare awakening.

Valerian is one of the most popular herbal sleep aids in Europe and the US. Mostly come in capsule, tea bag, or bulk extract, as a supplementary food.


Drinking lavender tea may reduce stress, fatigue, and anxiety. It may help improve sleep quality, associated with anxiety-related disorders.

Lavender is an herb applied for its aromatic and soothing scent. It comes in the form of dried flower for a beverage (tea), oil, scent candle, spray, and lotion.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is known as the mint family. Its aroma with citrus scent may act as a sedative, used for reducing stress and reduction in insomnia symptom.

Lemon balm is an aromatic herb comes in the form of a tea bag, capsule, liquid extract, balm, lip balm, and dried loose leaf.


Passionflower has been used to relive anxiety and improve sleep. It may improve insomnia and sleep quality.

It came in the form of dried leaf, herbal dried tea, extract powder, capsule, and liquid extract.

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia was used in Chinese medicine for stress relief, including abdominal discomfort, and nasal congestion. It has sedative effects and helps increase the amount of sleep.

Magnolia plant comes in the form of magnolia bud tea for drinking or magnolia supplement to decrease the time to fall asleep.


Bottom lines

Regular tea beverage contains nicotine, which may stimulate your brain not sleeping. These natural herbs for sleep are different. They contain properties like magnesium, antioxidants and may reduce anxiety, stress, and fatigue. The natural herb is popular these days for improving good sleep. It is good to try.

Find out more herbs for better sleep in Asian and Chinese Herbs for Sleep.

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