Choosing an ergonomic pillow for your sleep can help you sleep faster and improve sleep quality. A correct pillow can keep your body properly supported. A bamboo pillow could be a great choice to solve your sleep problems.

Bamboo pillows help support varying positions for a good night’s sleep and overall health benefits. While you sleep, it’s important to adjust your spinal alignment with your neck and the nervous system. Bamboo pillows filled with 40% bamboo and fiber gel or memory foam, you can choose, which provide flexibility to adjust well to your head and has enough filling to accommodate your entire head and neck area.

How Bamboo Pillows Are Made

Bamboo plants are a symbolic culture of China and grow in many countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. They were used as a versatile raw product for building materials, and are considered stronger than wood brick or concrete.

Thanks to the new technologies that can turn bamboo grass to fibers and be much more useful to human life in various scopes of textiles and alternatives to plastic. The processes involve dissolving the cellulose in the bamboo and recreating the bamboo fiber, called Rayon or Viscose Rayon. The viscose rayon is thread into yarn for making bamboo-based textiles used in covers, sheets, and clothing.  Viscose Rayon from Bamboo has environmental advantages over viscose made with wood pulp

Benefits of Bamboo Pillows  

Bamboos are natural products that grow all-year-round in many locations around the world. The bamboo pillows are considered eco-friendly. They are popular these days as they are adjustable and soft that you can feel comfortable. They are good for people who suffer from chronic neck and back pain, who prone to allergies or skin irritation. They could help people who suffer insomnia to get good night sleep. Many benefits from a bamboo pillow to be described here.

  • Bamboo fiber is processed from the pulp of bamboo combined with other natural or synthetic threads into yarns and create ultra-soft viscose rayon. The uniquely soft adjustable bamboo pillow could help adjust the back alignment with the head and neck while you sleep.
  • Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial. Lignin in bamboo fiber has properties of resisting bacteria, which help keep bacteria from adhering to its surface or thrive, comparing to other material.
  • Natural bamboo fiber has hypoallergenic properties and is considered more gentile to the body than other materials. It keeps away odors and toxins and helps free from accumulate dust mites, which cause allergy, comparing to other materials.
  • Bamboo is highly absorbent which makes it machine-washable. The absorbent qualities make the bamboo pillows durability and soft for sensitive skin. You can opt not to use a pillowcase.
  • Bamboo-based materials with well-constructed rayon fabric are breathable and wick away heat and moisture. The said property allows airflow and makes you feel cool and comfortable on the skin.

The Concerns from The First-time Buyers

Some feedbacks and concerns from buyers in can help you understand the minor downside of a bamboo pillow. You will know in advance how to deal with it.

  • The chemical smell comes out of the packaging. Based on the review from users, the smell went away in a day.
  • Some may concern about the weight of a bamboo pillow. A bamboo pillow is slightly thicker than a regular cotton-made pillow.
  • Off-gassing upon opening is common. The packaging process does not pump gas out completely.
  • A bamboo pillow may be more expensive than a cotton-made pillow. It is still cheaper than luxury brand pillows. Bamboo pillows are far more durable and can last to three times of common pillows, which is more cost-effective.

The feedback from users said the downsides found at the beginning will go away in a couple of days. The soft, adjustable, and heat regulation properties are out-weigh the cons.

Bamboo Pillow Recommended for Buyers

Shredded memory foam
Shredded memory foam
Shredded memory foam (inside look)
Shredded memory foam (inside look)

Many types of bamboo pillows you can choose which it is worth trying out and may help you sleep better. The first one is an adjustable shredded memory foam pillow and an alternative choice is a bamboo down alternative pillow with poly gel filling.

Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam: Pros and Cons

The bamboo adjustable shredded memory foam pillow made of 40% bamboo material cover. The filling is made from the high-quality filling of 100% shredded memory foam is durable. The pillows are long-lasting for many years for your restful nights. The cover with 40% bamboo and 60% polyester, are designed to make it soft and breathable for the most benefit of your sleep.


  • Adjustable: The premium shredded memory foam is fully adjustable and customizable for your sleep; the superior support will conform to the shape of your head well. It is a great solution for comforting neck problems, as it is full-body support and contours to the shape you need. It is a great choice for side sleepers and stomach sleep.
  • Comfortable: The absorbing heat by viscose rayon yarn by the bamboo is effectively at wicking moisture and heat, which can make you feel cooling and soft.
  • Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant: The product made of high-quality hypoallergenic memory foam, which is resistant to mold, dust mites, and bacteria. It is excellent for those who suffer allergies.
  • 100% Machine Washable and Dryer Safe: The shape and size do not change after washing and drying.
  • Affordable: It is cost-effective considering the long-lasting durability and the price cheaper than a luxury pillow product.
  • Environmental sustainable: Utilizing natural bamboo plants is considered more eco-friendly and less environmental impact compared to other materials. Bamboo is an all-natural product that grows year-round in multiple locations all over the world.


  • It is not a 100% bamboo product. 40% of bamboo viscose rayon is effectively made an excellent customized pillow for you.
  • The process is not chemical-free. The production also uses chemical enzymes to break down the hard cellulose of bamboo fiber into the ultra-soft rayon yarn.

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Premium Luxury Pillows for Sleeping – Pack Shredded Memory Foam Adjustable Firm or Soft Loft Standard Queen Pillow Cooling Removable Soft Cover – Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers


It may be time to consider a new pillow; you should try a bamboo pillow. It is a great and affordable way to promote a better sleep position and improve sleep quality. You can use them for your head or other parts of your body.

The bamboo pillows are very comfortable and last long useful life. The superior support and contour to the shape of your head and body, as well as other advantages of viscose rayon from bamboo, are worth trying for your better sleep and those who suffer insomnia.

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