Hi there! I am Priscilla. I have passionate on searching and learning many health tips which are useful to families, friends, and myself for improving healthiness and longevity. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and an office worker. As a non-doctor who concerns health and life happiness, this is another one website where I wish to share my experience and searched for information about better sleep which is very important for the body. Hope you enjoy reading and find something useful.

Adult Sleep Disorders

Sleep well and eat well is a mindset that most people know about this cliche. Not all people realize when they cannot sleep well or eat well and may think this is a normal life they have to encounter each day. It is not really true, actually. We can treat or improve it.

Many of my friends and families have had sleep problems for many years. One of my co-workers experienced insomnia in his lifetime during the past twenty years. Needless to say how he felt tired and sleepy during the day.

People have sleep problems at some points in life. I had sleep problems when I had anxiety and stress. I could not sleep a night before my crucial exam for my accounting designation, though I tried very hard to sleep. I lied on the bed and closed my eyes, but my brain and nerve could not rest. That diminished my ability to focus during the exam since I felt drowsy and tiresome.

My father had insomnia for a week and finally ended up with a stroke. If my father had realized this was not a common symptom, my father would not have had this tragedy.

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Children Sleep Disorders

My baby niece cried at night for three months. She had colic pain. Needless to say how my sister as a parent, her spouse, and relatives had anxiety, concerns, and tiresomeness. A baby sleep problem impacts people all around,

As a mother, I experienced baby sleep disorders with my baby children, nieces, and nephews. You can find separate blogs about Baby Sleeping Disorders, Sleep Problems in Children, Improve Child’s Sleep, and Best Baby Sleep Books.

One thing that I learned from one of my friends who experienced her child’s sleep problems – she sought consultants and met a sleep specialist, who eventually helped solve her child’s sleep problems.


I wish to share the information with adults and parents with children having sleep problems or sleeping disorders will have ideas of sleep problems and how to handle them.

I hope you will enjoy reading my sleep disorder experience and researches. I have a disclaimer about my information, as I am not an expert but rather a person who is interested in helping people with sleep disorders and sleep problems. You will find more details on specific topics on my website.

All the best for your good sleep.

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