A baby sleeping through the night is a blessing to parents. A newborn baby 1 to 3 months needs 14 – 17 hours sleep and 4 to 11 months needs 12 – 15 hours sleep. For the first six months, the total sleep hours spans the entire day, as babies are adjusting with feeding and sleeping. You will find children daytime sleep hours and suggested day time nap in the article “Sleep Problem in Children“.

There is no certain rule when to start sleep training with babies. In general, you can start training when your baby reaches six months old.

Parents wish their babies or children have good night sleep. Good news is we do not need to test and trial with sleep training. Many sleep experts shared their significant experiments and valued experiences in either books, eBooks, audiobooks, or videos.

5 Best Baby Sleep Books

The 5 top picks sleep books are the best baby sleep books I experiences. They are good resources for parents, especially for a brand new mom.

1. Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems: New, Revised, and Expanded Edition

  • Author: Richard Ferber, M.D.
  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Dimensions:  5.5 x 1.1 x 8.4 inches
  • Available: Kindle and MP3 CD
  • Amazon best sellers: #1 Rank – Books/Health/Sleep disorders

About the Author:

Richard Ferber, M.D., is Director Emeritus of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children’s Hospital Boston.


T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. author of “Doctor and Child”, “Dr. Ferber is remarkably clear about a complex and common problem…Most parents will be able to use this book as a guide in helping them sort out theirs from the child’s needs and will be able to follow his clear, practical directions to the relief of sleeping through the night.”

Ninak, October 2018, “I like how Ferber explains how sleep works and how the wrong sleep associations for a child are important and it made perfect sense when I thought about it. I did the sleep training and I am now on the third day. My son falls asleep completely on his own without needing to held to sleep or, fed to sleep, or using a pacifier. He now falls asleep completely on his own within 3-10 mins of me putting him down in his crib and he sleeps completely through the night. I wish I got this book weeks ago. I am so happy I bought this book. I would recommend it to any new parent trying to sleep train their 4 months and up babies.”

2. The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

  • Author: Elizabeth Pantley
  • Paperback: 274 pages
  • Available: Paperback/Kindle/MP3 CD
  • Audible Audiobook: $0.00 Free with audible trial

About the Author

Elizabeth Pantley, a mom of four wonderful children, and one precious grandbaby. She managed to create a rich and rewarding career as an author of books for parents, and as a speaker on this epic and important topic. She has the pleasure of writing about the things that bring families more peace, and the fun of chatting with people every day about our children and calling it work…

Review from Amazon Customers:

Anonymous, February 2016, “Every idea and method in this book made sense to me. It actually is kind and gentle. There is no crying involved. My baby slept, I slept. She sleeps through the night now in her own crib while I’m in the other room and it only took us 6 weeks to figure out. She’s excited during her bedtime routine and by the end, she’s putting her head down.”

Nicole E., August 2018, “I have only been working this plan for a week and my 11-month daughter has begun to sleep 7-hour stretches! Before I started she was an every 2-hour awaker, and I was exhausted beyond words. It seems hard in the beginning, and the first few days were really tough on me but to see such progress is amazing! If you want your baby to sleep more, and are opposed to the cruelty of cry it out – this book is for you.”

Tips from The No-Cry Sleep Solution:

  • Uncover the stumbling blocks that prevent the baby from sleeping through the night
  • Determine–and work with–baby’s biological sleep rhythms
  • Create a customized, step-by-step plan to get baby to sleep through the night
  • Use the Persistent Gentle Removal System to teach baby to fall asleep without breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or using a pacifier

3. Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents

  • Author: Alexis Dubief
  • Paperback: 322 pages
  • Available in: Paperback/Kindle
  • Audible Audiobook: $0.00 Free with audible trial

About the Author

Alexis Dubief gave birth to her first child in 2006 and quickly realized that sleep – or a lack thereof – was suddenly the bane of her existence. Yet no book, website, or community seemed to have ready answers. Figuring that “this shouldn’t be so hard,” she spent the next five years researching and analyzing infant and child sleep. Combining scientific evidence with insights gleaned from working with thousands of families, she founded the Precious Little Sleep blog/podcast in 2011. In just a few short years, this passion project meant to demystify baby sleep blossomed into a popular online destination for sleep-starved parents from all over the world, garnering millions of hits annually and inspiring a loyal following.

Review from Amazon Customers:

Campbell F, August 2017, “This book is so comprehensive and offers so many tips and tricks and methods for getting your baby to sleep. It’s real-life advice and goes over literally every question I’ve ever had about how to get a baby to sleep.
Alexis knows what she’s talking about and this book is so easy to read and implement!”

Felisa F, July 2018, “I’ve gotten through the book in 2 days – the way she writes is so relatable and understanding. It’s like having a sleep guru as a friend. This is a must-have for any parent.”

This book will help you tackle the thorniest sleep snags, including:
• Navigating the tricky newborn phase like a pro
• Getting your child to truly sleep through the night
• Weaning off the all-night buffet
• Mastering the precarious tango that is healthy napping
• Solving toddler and preschooler sleep struggles

4. The Sleep Lady®’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy

  • Author: Kim West
  • Paperback: 440 pages
  • Available: Paperback/Kindle

About the Author

Kim West, LCSW-C, has developed an alternative and effective approach to helping children learn to gently put themselves to sleep without letting them “cry it out”—an option that is not comfortable for many parents.

West has spoken to numerous parenting groups across the country about the importance of children’s sleep and how to gently teach your child to go to sleep and sleep through the night.

Review by Amazon Customers:

Jace V., March 2018, “The book is an easy, quick read. I love that she has it broken down by age, so you don’t have to read the entire book. You can just flip to the sections that pertain to you. Exhausted moms struggling with comprehension, much less finding the time to read, this is for you! She tells you exactly what to do, how to do it, and any questions I had, I found in the book.”

Jerilyn G., May 2018, “I wish I had found this book 2.5 years ago as we have struggled with sleeping since my son was firstborn. This finally offers usable advice and strategies other than ” let him cry it out!” Which never worked for us! Very helpful for moms of toddlers and preschoolers still struggling with sleep!!! (Most books are geared towards sleep training infants.”

New material and updates include:

• New research on pacifiers and SIDS, the impact of sleep deprivation on postpartum depression
• Additional guidance on feeding your baby and toddler and how feeding relates to sleep
• What you can do to improve your baby’s sleep habits before 6 months
• New information on breastfeeding
• Preparing a sibling for the birth of a baby
• Creating a secure attachment with your baby while instilling healthy sleep habits for the family
• How to read your baby’s cries

5. On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

  • Author: Robert Bucknam, Gary Ezzo
  • Paperback: 279 pages
  • Available: Hard Cover/Paperback/Kindle
  • Audible Audiobook: $0.00 Free with audible trial

From the Author

This is the current edition; the completely revised & updated version of On Becoming Babywise (5th edition, February 2012). In becoming one of America’s leading infant management guides, On Becoming Babywise has continued to improve its methods and practices throughout its 24 years and this latest version is the result of all the best over the last two decades. This book helps parents successfully and naturally synchronize their baby’s feeding time, waketime and nighttime cycles. The results? Happy, healthy and contented babies who sleep through the night on average between seven and nine weeks of age…

Five resource Appendixes provide additional reference material: 

1) Taking care of baby and mom 
2) A timeline of what to expect and when 
3) Baby Sleep Training Problems and Solutions 
4) Monitoring Your Baby’s Growth 
5) Healthy Baby Growth Charts 


Dr. Janet Dunn, M.D. Chatsworth, California, “As an obstetrician and a mother, my concern for a healthy out-come continues beyond the moment of delivery.  Because the principles of On Becoming Babywise are so effective, I consider it part of my extended health care for the family.  The principles are simple, yet amazing.  They consistently produce babies who are healthy, content, and who sleep through the night at an early age.  Feeding a baby on demand simply cannot compare to the overall health benefits of Babywise. The concepts take the guesswork out of early parenting and provide new moms the confidence of knowing what happens next.”  

Dr. Linda Meloy, M.D. Richmond, Virginia, “I am a practicing pediatrician and assistant professor of pediatrics.  Residents and new mothers I work with have found On Becoming Babywise overwhelmingly successful. My residents report a positive difference in the confidence of new mothers who work with this plan compared to those who do not. The freedom Babywise provides a new mother is so refreshing. My parents become baby-wise with Babywise.”                                                       

Baby Sleep Journal

Lastly, I would recommend a Baby Sleep Journal to parents. This book will help you document important schedules of your child and make things easier for tracking and follow-up.

The product is excellent used for Baby’s Eat, Sleep & Poop Journal, log Book (Aqua) with spiral-bound, 122 pages.

An absolute MUST-HAVE for new parents. Created by a mom to help even the most sleep-deprived parents monitor the baby’s progress by recording a baby’s daily activity in this easy to use a logbook.

Log in feedings (breast & bottle), diaper changes, sleep patterns, immunizations and more all to help track baby’s development and keep the baby on a schedule.

Great for pediatrician visits. And perfect for working parents to leave with babysitters to be tuned in to baby, even when you can’t be there.

Durable & compact at 5 x 7 inches, with water-resistant front and back covers. Fill in pages include: page for important info (names & numbers), immunizations & growth chart page, 60 pages of fill-in charts & notes all neatly organized in a convenient, (adorable) spiral notebook.

Customer Reviews:

Crazythespo, “I am very glad I purchased this book; it has made my life a tiny bit easier with all the crazy of having a newborn.”

Michelle T., “I love this book because it is everything we need to keep track of our little one. It helps me communicate with our daily caregiver and we can look back and see exactly what happened each day when we pick him up”.


There are so many resources you can find out there. The 5 Best Baby Sleep books were definitely reviewed, selected and recommended for parents with babies and small children with sleep problems.

Remember that you are not alone. In any circumstances that you need specific helps for your child’s sleep problems, you can find a sleep expert like The Sleep Sense Program. The program will teach your baby to sleep easily. The Step-by-Step system will help your child learn to sleep all through the night! With 1 on 1 Help by through program has helped 1000’s of children.

If you have comments or questions, or you have your personal reviews, please feel free to post them below. I will be happy to hear and help you.

Wish you and your children have better sleep!

Priscilla, Founder of TreatmentOfSleepDisorders.com

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